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Navran Associates is pleased to provide a variety of free ethics management tools to managers, trainers, consultants, teachers and students.

We simply ask that the following statement be displayed:

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Mission Statement

A recent Harvard Business Review article challenged organizations to capture their mission in an eight-word statement.

At NA we areā€¦

Helping Clients Reduce Risk
By Ensuring
Ethical Conduct

Products and Services - Our Goal Is Your Self-Sufficiency

Navran Associates was created to provide our clients with a carefully crafted series of products and services aimed at:

  • assisting them in the pursuit of their goals and objectives,
  • in a manner that conforms to their needs and expectations
  • with a promise of delivery of all agreed-to results.

Our services section is organized onto two main sections: consulting services and training and presentations.

The consulting services section describes several of the types of consulting project we are able to undertake, but is not exhaustive. Generally, we apply 'Organizational Development' methodology and the methodology is not limited top leadership and ethics related issues.

The methodology is dependent on a clear understanding of the client's needs and the desired outcomes. That often means we must start with defining the issue - with processes ranging from a simple meeting with the client to a more comprehensive assessment and analysis of the organization, and what is necessary to move from the status quo to the desired state.

The training and presentations section lists some of the more popular titles we have delivered - noting that the subject matter lends itself to any variety of formats from a 'motivational' keynote presentation to awareness training to a fully developed workshop with measurable outcomes.

For several of the titles you will find menus of objectives - lists of possible areas of emphasis or definable outcomes - giving you, the client, control over what is delivered.

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