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Navran Associates is pleased to provide a variety of free ethics management tools to managers, trainers, consultants, teachers and students.

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Mission Statement

A recent Harvard Business Review article challenged organizations to capture their mission in an eight-word statement.

At NA we areā€¦

Helping Clients Reduce Risk
By Ensuring
Ethical Conduct

Presentations, Workshops and Retreats

Many ethics and leadership issues can be addressed through a variety of formats. Navran Associates characterizes format options in the following way:

Presentations:  Informing an audience of emerging trends, issues and principles.

Workshops:  Delivering training on a key topic to change individual and organizational knowledge and practices. Seminars are a variation of this format.

Retreats:  Highly interactive sessions that combine in-depth exploration with the development of the appropriate course of action for the organization.

It is important to note that the content of all sessions is adapted to meet client objectives. A list of frequently requested presentation, workshop and retreat topics and their typical audiences has been developed to demonstrate how Navran Associates can be responsive to individual client issues.

Presentation, Workshop and Retreat Topics

Typical Audiences

Boards /

Ethics /

Managers /

Ethical Awareness
An introduction to the organizations values, code and ethics management systems

Why Ethics . . . Why Now
Understanding the internal and external pressures to do even more than just what the law requires

Ethical Decision Making
Applying values and ethical standards to individual and group decisions

Ethics and Governance
Meeting the demands of US Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Sarbanes-Oxley and other ethics and governance standards


Ethics Oversight
How boards and senior management ensure ethics/compliance program effectiveness


Independent Ethics Culture Audits
How to design and manage the assessment of an organizations ethics/compliance program and culture


Ethics Office Management
Staffing, managing and measurement for Ethics/Compliance Office effectiveness


Ethical Leadership and Role Modeling
Myths and realities regarding senior managements contribution to the organizations culture

Conflicts of Interest
Drawing the line How understanding independence affects the entire organization

Best Practices
Why so-called best practices don"t always transfer from one organization to another


Team Leadership
How executives, managers and project team leaders incorporate ethical thinking and behavior


The ROI of Ethics and Compliance Programs
Determining the quantitative and qualitative returns from commitments to an ethical culture


Ethics/Compliance Office Accountability
Establishing and monitoring Ethics/Compliance Office metrics


Ethics, Strategic Planning and Competitive Advantage
How a vibrant ethics culture can prove to be a competitive advantage


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