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Navran Associates is pleased to provide a variety of free ethics management tools to managers, trainers, consultants, teachers and students.

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Mission Statement

A recent Harvard Business Review article challenged organizations to capture their mission in an eight-word statement.

At NA we areā€¦

Helping Clients Reduce Risk
By Ensuring
Ethical Conduct

Current Issues

Navran Associates is focused on the current ethics and leadership challenges to Boards of Directors, Board members, CEOs, executives and Ethics/Compliance Offices and Committees. Such issues include the following:

Issues Facing Boards and Board Members


  • How have recent updates to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations, the imposition of Sarbanes-Oxley and other governance challenges changed our responsibilities regarding independence and ethics oversight?

  • What are the similarities and differences between the roles, responsibilities and qualifications of an 'Audit Committee of the Board' and an 'Ethics Committee of the Board'?

  • How do we determine whether to adopt a Board-specific statement of values and Code of Ethics?

  • How do we best execute our obligations for ethics oversight and periodic, independent ethics assessment?

Issues Facing CEOs and Senior Executives

  • With greater Board independence, how do I address changes in my ethics management responsibilities?

  • What are the risks and vulnerabilities inherent in the design and implementation of our current ethics program?

  • How can I reconcile the changing demands from my Board for ethics oversight with our embedded ethics program and practices?

  • How do I realize the competitive advantages of an ethics program that goes beyond complying with the minimums required by law and regulation?

  • What organizational relationship ought to exist between the ethics/compliance function and initiatives addressing areas such corporate social responsibility, diversity and sustainability?

Issues Facing Ethics/Compliance Offices and Committees

  • How do we ensure that the Ethics/Compliance Office/ Committee is anticipating and meeting the needs of the Board and the CEO?

  • How can we ensure that the Board and CEO set the appropriate goals and expectations and provide sufficient resources for the Ethics/Compliance Office/Committee?

  • When, how and by whom should our Code of Ethics be reviewed and updated?

  • How do we evaluate the effectiveness of our classroom and/or online ethics training programs delivery?

  • How do we effectively coordinate with other functions that share in the overall ethics responsibility, e.g., legal, audit, line management and human resources?

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