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A recent Harvard Business Review article challenged organizations to capture their mission in an eight-word statement.

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Helping Clients Reduce Risk
By Ensuring
Ethical Conduct

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

It was with a wondrous mix of anticipation, reflection, happiness and a touch of sadness that I entered 2015. 

I first came into the workforce in 1959, working part-time with my dad, and learning the basics. Business is about relationships - not transactions. Success is when you earn the trust of your suppliers, employees, customers, regulators and even your competitors. Let everyone know that you will do what you promise and do so to the best of your ability, every time - no exceptions.

In 1969, after four years in uniform and another four at university (working retail, part-time, while in school) I entered the "corporate" world. For the next seventeen years I was a corporate employee, and continued to learn about responsibility, initiative, creativity and loyalty to those I led and those I served. I moved through a series of "line" and "staff" positions - ending up in an "internal consultant" role. And, most importantly, I found a labor of love to consume the rest of my working life. Ethics and Leadership was to be my niche.

In 1986 we launched Navran Associates. As an entrepreneur, it was time to hone my marketing skills and further build my customer service capabilities. I also started to write. For ten years, my primary marketing tool was a newsletter. It forced me to find substantive things to say about the services I provided and the markets I served. And I continued to build a network of associates upon whom I could trust, teach and from whom I could learn.

In 1996 I accepted the position of "Director of Advisory Services" at the non-profit Ethics Resource Center and my work took on global dimensions. The most invigorating assignment was the development and support of fledgling international ethics centers in Abu Dhabi, Pretoria, Bogota, St. Petersburg and Istanbul. 

By 2002 the ethics field was populated with an increasing number of for-profit ethics consultancies and ERC stepped back - reverting to a research role. After all, it is unseemly for an NGO to compete with the private sector. Navran Associates was restarted as a free-standing entity.

Now, in 2015, fifty-five years after I first entered the workforce, I am preparing for my exit. Fortunately, the market no longer "needs" me. There was a time when I was one of a small handful of ethics consultants. Post FSGO and SOX there is a bountiful field of well trained, thoughtful and extremely competent people who now do what twenty-five years ago only a handful of us were doing.

So, 2015 is to be my "swan song". I continue to write. I am on track to publish at least six articles this year. I serve on the ethics committee of my local hospital. By year's end I will to have fulfilled all of my current client commitments. I can look back on some 300+ clients that have valued my contribution to their success. And there are some forty associates with whom I have shared my methodologies and experiences. There are also several hundred ethics officers outside the U.S., whom I personally trained, or who were trained by others using the "Ethics Officer Certification Program" design I first created for my colleagues at the Ethics Institute of South Africa, the Dubai Ethics Resource Center and the Turkish Ethics and Values Institute, developed under the auspices of the ERC, and funded by a grant from the Merck Company Foundation more than 10 years ago.

Retirement is merely the next adventure.

Thank you all for making this a great ride!


Welcome to Navran Associates

Navran Associates is an organizational ethics, governance, compliance and leadership consulting firm. We specialize in ethics and compliance risk assessment, ethics and compliance program development, executive and board development and ethics office staff and employee training.

We help our clients reduce their risk of ethics and/or compliance failures and contribute to their success in developing more ethical organizational cultures.

Navran Associates has guided hundreds of local, national and international corporations, non-profits and government organizations in addressing their ethics, governance, compliance and leadership needs.

Past projects include the following:

  • Helping the Board of a large state professional association identify and address needed changes to their current Member Code of Professional Ethics.
  • Working with the Senior Management Team of a newly-formed, multinational, aerospace joint venture to design and implement a fully functioning ethics program.
  • Guiding the Ethics Office of a major U.S. media company in the update of their Code of Ethics and delivery of ethics training to all employees.
  • Working with Senior Management of an offshore steel company with a largely expatriate workforce to develop a suitable ethics program that would work in a multinational, mutli-ethnic workforce.
  • Helping the Senior Management of a U.S. government agency identify vulnerabilities in their ethical culture and develop a revised ethics strategy.
  • Training Ethics Officers in Turkey, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates on the processes and procedures needed to establish effective corporate ethics programs.

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